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Miss Marcou's 5th Grade Explorer Unit
Activity #5-PowerPoint Presentation

5. Each student will create a 5 slide PowerPoint presentation based on their knowledge and expertise of their explorer. Slides #2, #3, & #4 should be written in complete paragraphs.

**PowerPoint presentation will be assessed with a rubric.**

Each slide has specific requirements:

Slide #1: Name, Birth date and death date, picture of explorer from internet

Slide #2: The purpose of the explorers voyage. Make sure to include the name of the country he is exploring for.

Slide #3: Any discoveries and/or accomplishments of the explorer during their most important exploration(s) should be written here. Were the accomplishments fulfilling the original purpose of the expedition? *If the explorers voyage was not successful, reasons for this should be included on this slide.

Slide #4: Map of explorers voyage (internet or scan)

Slide #5: Inspiration Explorer Web (from Activity #2) Open Inspiration file. Go to EDIT, SELECT ALL (Entire web should be outlined with red boxes). Right Click on web (making sure everything stays outlined with red boxes). COPY. Then, on a blank slide in PowerPoint-Right Click. PASTE. When entire web appears on blank slide you can stretch it to fill the whole slide.

Student Sample Slideshow
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