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Purpose & Description | Activity #1-Research | Activity #2-Inspiration Web | Activity #3-Timelines | Activity #4-Writing A Letter | Activity #5-PowerPoint Presentation | Activity #6-Oral Presentation | Activity #7-Exploration Web | Unit Resources | References | Frameworks & Standards | Teacher Comments
Miss Marcou's 5th Grade Explorer Unit
Purpose & Description



This unit was developed to accompany a unit on Exploration in the New World for a 5th grade social studies class. Each lesson and activity was chosen to provide a way for students to explore their way through the "Age of Exploration" while effectively integrating technology skills.


There are seven activities included in this plan. Each activity is designed to assist the students with the Social Studies content area of Exploration as well as enhancing their knowledge and abilities to use technological resources successfully and accurately during their academic day. All of the activities are designed in correlation with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for Social Studies and Technology as well as the ISTE National Technology and Social Studies Standards.